Whether your organisation would like to offer more development opportunities to staff, or needs more extensive support, we are here to help.
1. Virtual membership

Our virtual membership will enable you to provide more than 150 new development opportunities for staff across your organisation from the comfort of their desks. Including access to all our webinars, online courses and digital resources.

2. Full membership

In addition to enjoying all of the benefits of our virtual membership, including over 150 webinars and courses, full members can also enjoy a wealth of bespoke training workshops, coaching sessions, consultancy services and team development sessions.

3. Double membership

This membership option offers all of the benefits of our full membership, but provides twice as many in-house workshops, consultancy days and coaching sessions to help meet the needs of larger organisations across the NHS.

Organisation wide support
Our memberships are organisation wide, which means anyone from the organisation can use the services that are included in their membership.
150+ training opportunities
Each membership option provides access to our extensive range of 150+ webinars, workshops and courses, which are free to access for all staff.
Online and in person

Our full and double memberships also include a wide range of bespoke services that can be delivered both in person and online.

Benefits of membership

Our memberships are very flexible and the exact benefits our members enjoy depends on how they use their membership. Some of the most common benefits that are experienced include:

  • More effective and skilled teams and leaders following organisational and personal development
  • Improved recruitment and retention of leaders through development and enhanced talent management
  • Reduced training and development costs by supplementing existing provision in vital areas
  • Enhanced performance against targets via service improvement
  • Improved feedback from patients as a result of patient experience training
  • Reduced service costs through increased efficiency
  • More impactful marketing and communications activity
  • More successful responses to tenders and other enhanced internal processes

Enquire about membership

To find out more about our membership options or apply to join us, please contact our CEO, Caroline Dove.

Email Caroline
Your organisation is also welcome to join our national programmes, which provide extensive support in key areas. Members of NHS Elect receive a 10% discount on each of our programmes.

The Acute Frailty Network (AFN) is a 12-month programme that supports participating organisations to rapidly adopt best practice and improve emergency services for frail older people.


Our Surgical Ambulatory Emergency Care Network (SAEC) also lasts 12 months and builds on the success of our previous AEC Network to help participating organisations improve delivery of same day surgery.

Additional support programmes

We also run intensive 6-month programmes of support to accelarate improvement activity, including the AFN Optimiser Programme and the AEC Accelerator Programme.