New virtual services

We have launched a wide range of virtual services to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our member organisations and their staff. Our improvement networks are also now fully deliverable online.
Virtual workshops
We can now replace the vast majority of our traditional in-house workshops with half-day virtual equivalents.
Online events
We have replaced the 40 face-to-face events that we usually deliver in London with more than 150 interactive webinars.
Virtual coaching
Our team of qualified coaches can now deliver comprehensive coaching services using both voice and video calls.
Online courses
We have developed a large number of online courses that members can access when most convenient for them.
Online leadership
We can now deliver leadership development online, including a series of virtual workshops with pre and post work.
Virtual QI support
Our QI practitioner and leader programmes can now be delivered effectively online using MS Teams or Zoom.
Digital networks
Earlier this year we launched our popular OD network online, and we will soon be launching a digital QI network.
Remote working faculty
We have developed a new remote working workstream to provide support and development for members.

Ongoing remote support

In addition to the new virtual services outlined above, we continue to deliver a number of remote services that were available pre-Covid-19.

Bespoke consultancy: Whether you are looking for business and strategy consultancy or marketing and design support, we continue to deliver our full range of consultancy services remotely.

Online resources: Members can continue to access our library of useful resources, including guides, templates and videos, which we have expanded considerably in recent months.

Suggest additional support

If you have any thoughts about additional ways we could support you online, please get in touch with our digital lead, Joe Blunden.

Email Joe