Who is membership for?

Membership is suitable for any Trust is the UK that wants to improve the services they provide, increase efficiency or develop an enhanced strategy for the future.

We have around 70 members right across the UK, and work with a range of acute, community and mental health Trusts, as well as a number of CCGs. We intend to maintain our membership at this level to ensure we continue to provide a high quality service for each and every member.

How much does it cost?

Membership is offered on a ‘fixed-fee’ basis, with annual membership costing £28K per organisation. We are a non-profit organisation and this fee is to cover our operating costs, which are kept to a minimum.

Members receive a tailored programme of support from the NHS Elect team and access to all network events, in addition to the delivery of on-site development programmes.

What does it include?

Our membership package includes all of the following:

Bespoke in-house workshops: A series of bespoke, on-site training sessions tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Specialist Consultancy: Support from our team of specialist consultants, be that day-to-day advice or more structured support for a particularly project

Invitations to courses and seminars: A series of bespoke, on-site training sessions tailored to the needs of the organisation

Access to Shared Resources: Access to a large library of useful resources, including presentations, guides and templates.

Marketing Materials: Creation of free marketing materials, such as a microsite.

Networking Opportunities: Numerous opportunities to network with NHS colleagues and share best practice and ideas.

Account Management: Dedicated account management to ensure membership benefits are maximized.

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How can you join?

For more information about becoming a member please email Caroline Dove, CEO on caroline@nhselect.org.uk


“It is always a delight to learn from someone so skilled, and we will definitely be making good use of the things you have helped us to understand”. Janice Roper, Service Transformation Training Lead, Barts Health NHS Trust

"It was all useful. The most impressive thing was the professional manner in which the event was delivered - truly impressive." Philip Harrison, Strategic Project Lead, University Hospitals Birmingham