Business and system thinking consultancy services

Our work is outcome-focussed, results driven and tailored to your needs.
Strategy development
The team has a vast amount of experience helping teams and organisations to develop their strategic planning and thinking.
Business case development
Our team can provide support, advice and guidance in the development of business cases in line with best practice.
Project management
We can provide external assurance to a team working on an on-going project, or simply share best practice.
Report writing
We can provide bespoke training sessions to improve report writing that focus on the specific issues for your organisation.
Compassionate leadership
We work with organisations to support and encourage a more compassionate approach to leadership.
The team can be used by members to help with the review and negotiation of service level agreements and contracts.
Systems thinking for QI
We can help improve systems thinking to ensure alignment of workstreams and better integrate transformation programmes.

Our approach

Our approach is to recognise that the challenges and issues for all our members are unique and multi-faceted.

Unlike some management consultancies, we do not try and solve problems with a one-size-fits-all approach that often leads to efforts to make simple solutions fit complex situations. Our long-term relationship with our members allows us to build a clear understanding of your issues and situation and to co-create programmes and projects that truly meet the needs of members.

The benefit of NHS Elect membership is that members have access to a team that is more than happy to work with individuals, single and multiple teams, organisations and systems to co-create programmes and projects that really meet your requirements. In most cases, our members look to us to act as ‘critical friend’ and to provide assurance as they develop their plans and approaches.

Find out more

To find out more and discuss how we can help meet your business and system thinking needs, please contact Gareth Corser, our workstream lead.

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