We provide support for clinicians, executives, managers and other NHS staff.

One-to-one coaching
A series of sessions with an experienced coach to achieve greater confidence and improved personal effectiveness.
Team coaching
Group sessions with an experienced coach to develop and nurture higher performing teams.
Non-coaching support
Supporting individuals and organisations with facilitating other non-coaching interventions.

A typical coaching intervention

Our coaching interventions are typically delivered in the format below.
Up to 4 sessions

Up to 4 action focussed coaching sessions with a trained coach (more sessions are possible).

1-2 hours long
Sessions are typically 1-2 hours long, available either online, or face-to-face in a suitable location.
First session face-to-face

Usually, the first coaching conversation is in person, which can also be achieved online.

4-6 weekly

Sessions are usually 4-6 weekly, allowing the client time to work on what has been discussed.

Commitment to coaching

The client must be prepared to commit to the coaching sessions and dedicate time to the process.

Bespoke programmes

Each client’s needs are different, so a bespoke programme is always agreed to best suit them.

A range of techniques
A number of coaching tools and techniques will be utilised to help develop insight and awareness.
Coaching during Covid-19
During this period of disruption, we're delivering our sessions flexibly using a variety of applications.

The coaching contract

All coaching sessions are confidential between the client and the coach. In some circumstances, with client permission, feedback can be agreed and given to the sponsoring manager.

Prior to commencement of coaching there is usually a call between the coachee and a member of the faculty to clarify the process and agree next steps.

All clients are asked to ‘contract’ with their coach. This will require a commitment to the programme; attendance at agreed meetings; a set of objectives for the coaching experience and an agreement to give feedback to the coach.

Enquire about coaching

To discuss how coaching might help you, your team and your organisation, please contact Darren Leech, one of our directors who leads our coaching faculty.

Email Darren