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We’re deep in planning the delivery of our improvement network programmes for 2022/23 and keen to engage with colleagues to see how we can best support you over the coming year.

In particular, our new ‘Rebuilding your SDEC services’ programme is being launched, and following the success of our last four waves of the Specialised Clinical Frailty Network (SCFN), we’re recruiting for Wave Five to start in the Spring.

Looking further ahead, we also have another cohort of our System-Wide Frailty Network (SWFN) launching in the Autumn, and we know that places for this will go fast. Further information on all of these programmes is given below – if you’re interested in learning more about any of these or the other improvement networks we deliver then please get in touch at networksinfo@nhselect.org.uk .We would be happy to schedule a call with one of our senior team to explore how we can best support you in improving your frailty and SDEC services.

Rebuilding your SDEC services

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, teams pulled together to reshape services to minimise the numbers of patients being admitted to hospital. Some SDEC/AEC units were redesignated as part of infection control measures. Now, as things evolve and access opens, many services may no longer be working at their optimum and patients may be being admitted to hospital when that admission could have been avoided.

Addressing this issue and maximising same-day emergency care will improve patient flow, free up vital beds and capacity in your organisation.  We offer a six-month programme of support led by our clinicians and experts from the AEC network with a focus on rebuilding and maximising the service. The aim is to convert more ‘admitted’ episodes to same day avoiding unnecessary patient admissions.  The programme is designed in line with the tried and tested ‘collaborative improvement’ model with enhanced support to local teams to improve your services and models of care facilitated through sharing your experiences at regular networking events.

Specialised Clinical Frailty Network

The SCFN supports specialised healthcare teams to improve the way specialised care and treatment is tailored to the needs and preferences of individuals living with frailty.  The Network commenced in 2018, and has now worked with 50 teams in nine specialised services to explore how frailty assessment and management can best be integrated into their pathways. We help teams to tailor care and treatment to the needs and preferences of older people with frailty - such an approach can lead to a reduction in the risks associated with longer lengths of stay in hospital and post-treatment complications, as well as improved shared decision-making with patients and their families. Wave Four completed in September 2021 and Wave Five will launch in Spring 2022. Further information can be found on the SCFN website here.

System Wide Frailty Network

There is a pressing need to develop systems to provide care closer to home for older people living with frailty, both to minimise unnecessary urgent care episodes and improve outcomes. Planning services across local systems to meet the needs of this group of vulnerable patients is key to providing better and more resilient NHS care.

The SWFN supports you to develop a whole system approach to the care of older people. This programme helps with the design and delivery of care pathways in response to the Ageing Well policy and aims to support teams to improve care and outcomes for older people. A twelve-month programme, the SWFN launched in September 2021 and we’re currently working with seven systems.  Cohort Two will launch in September 2022, but we’re keen to get systems signed up as soon as possible and start their improvement journey. Further information can be found on the SWFN website here.

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