A poster featuring the award-winning work of NHS Elect's collaborative Clinical Supervision project has been accepted by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) for inclusion at the IHI Forum 2022 in December. The poster details the Clinical Supervision project NHS Elect undertook with West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The poster can be viewed here.

During the pandemic, senior nursing staff at West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust were concerned how nurses’ wellbeing and development was being supported and the negative impact this was having on retention. Together with NHS Elect, the team created a system that delivered an empowered workforce. To achieve this, an adapted version of clinical supervision (CS) was implemented where support and promotion of a culture of personal growth and professional development was prioritised.

The forum will take place in-person in Orlando, Florida between 4-7 December 2022 and online between 13-15 December 2022.  As well as the inclusion of the poster, NHS Elect's Acute Frailty Network will also be delivering a session during the forum.
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