Human factors and ergonomics principles are known to optimise human well-being and overall system performance while enhancing safety..

Many big industries, including manufacturing, transport, and healthcare are investing in this scientific, evidence-based discipline. Understanding what supports or hinders your staff, and creating processes and environments that are centred around them, can result in many benefits for your organisation.

If you need guidance integrating and applying human factors and ergonomics within your system or organisation, we can assist. We have extensive experience designing and delivering a range of training and education programmes which bring human factors to life and a track record of supporting the integration of human factors thinking into the NHS at national, regional and organisational level.

What we can help you achieve

Integrating human factors’ practices within your organisation has many benefits, such as: 

  • Enhanced outcomes by optimising the work environment and processes 
  • Cost-savings through improved efficiency and safety 
  • Better quality of care, patient experiences and staff experience 


How we can work with you

Our team have significant experience of working with partners in the NHS, social care and third sector, which is why we are well placed to help you:

  • From board members to front-line staff we can support you to integrate human factors and ergonomics science into your everyday practice and assess impact.
  • Our specialists can demonstrate how you can effectively apply human factors and ergonomics methodologies in the design of care settings and new ways of working, including the Systems Engineering Initiative for patient safety (SEIPS).
  • We can build capability in your organisation by designing bespoke training programmes, incorporating concepts of system thinking and learning from patient safety incidents.

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