Measurement for improvement

Presented by Mike Davidge
In this one hour webinar we will answer two important questions: Have the recent changes I've made to my service made a difference and how can I track the impact of a proposed chan...

Compassionate conversations

Presented by Linda Keenan
In this short webinar we will explore how to build upon the compassion we see every day in our workplaces and reflect how we develop this into the deep connnections that are at the...

Introduction to QI 2: Measuring change

Presented by Robin Davis
The second session in this series will take you through the key principles of effective measurement to help you measure the true impact of your improvement project.

Capacity Planning

Presented by Mike Davidge
This one hour webinar will cover the four stages in capacity planning; guidance on getting the right data; the importance of flow maps and process templates; the process for gettin...

Patient Engagement 1: Why engage with patients?

Presented by Sue Kong
Module one in this series will outline the huge benefits of patient engagement and explain the importance of understanding the patient experience.