Patient Experience & Quality Improvement

Breaking Down Silos for Co-Creation


Our National Conference has now passed, but for details of the event please see the below and reference our Awards page.

Conference Overview

Our inaugural National Patient Experience and Quality Improvement conference in the NHS brings together industry experts and NHS success stories to deliver an inspiring yet practical event.

Covering a wide array of topics, from the latest developments nationally on patient experience and quality improvement initiatives and how co-creation works in healthcare globally to local examples of patient co-creation in quality improvement projects that deliver real results to patient experience, the day really will have something for everyone!

Throughout the day we will cover:

  • Quality improvement techniques used for improving patient experience
  • Fresh ways of looking at the same problem from different disciplines / perspectives
  • National and international case studies
  • Using staff, skills and communication channels in innovative ways

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Main Conference Speakers & Award Presenters

It is inconceivable that we have a conference on the impact of quality improvements on patient experience, without a patient talking to us about how it feels to be a patient in the NHS in the year 2019. What frustrates them? What surprises them? What they are grateful for and what they wish we continue to do to help them with their diagnosis, recovery, ease of service access, and communications. Are we creating frictionless service for patients?

We welcome Lucy Watts, MBE (@LucyAlexandria), an award-winning speaker who understands how it feels to access health service as a young disabled woman living with complex, life-limiting illness causing complex medical needs.

We are delighted to welcome Hugh McCaughey, National Director of Improvement, NHS England & NHS Improvement (@HughMcCaughey) to kick off our conference with the latest national developments for improving the patient experience and quality improvement in relation to the NHS Long Term Plan ambitions.

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NHS Elect Patient Experience and Quality Improvement Awards 2019/2020

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Suitable for

We are expecting a real mix of NHS staff, and welcome anyone with an interest in patient experience, patient involvement / partnership working, quality improvement, communications and organisational development (OD). This is likely to include staff working in:

  • Patient experience and engagement / experience of care
  • Service and quality improvement
  • Clinical services
  • Organisational development
  • Communications
  • Strategy and business planning


We will also be filming the main conference speakers and uploading permission-granted presentations onto our members area of our website.