Online facilitation skills 1 What changes on-line

Presented by Robin Davis
The first in this series of 4 webinars will look at Rabbits and ducks and what changes online.

Complexity and systems (new webinar)

Presented by Mark Leyshon
An overview for this webinar will be added shortly.

Online facilitation skills 2: Mastering the technology

Presented by Joe Blunden
The second webinar in this series will include:• Platform tour• Pros and cons of each• Getting setup correctly• Using Slido and other third party apps

Systems thinking

Presented by Gareth Corser
This ninety minute session will provide an overview of systems thinking that will help you to relate it to your own leadership practice. The discipline of systems thinking gives yo...

Online facilitation skills 3: Designing an effective online session

Presented by Robin Davis
The third webinar in this series will look at theoretical design and design skills.