Writing an effective business case

Presented by Mark Leyshon
This online 2-hour session provides practical guidance on writing business cases based on Her Majesty’s Treasury Guidance.Delegates will work through and understand the sta...

Nudge theory and persuasion

Presented by Mark Leyshon
We cover some entertaining concepts in what we hope will be a fun 90 minute webinar that will provide you with a variety of ideas and techniques to improve your influencing and per...

Effective writing

Presented by Joe Blunden
These days we’re subjected to more communication than at any other point in history. From letters and emails, to tweets and texts, we are greeted by a seemingly endless strea...

Online facilitation skills 1 What changes on-line

Presented by Robin Davis
The first in this series of 4 webinars will look at Rabbits and ducks and what changes online.

Complexity and systems (new webinar)

Presented by Mark Leyshon
An overview for this webinar will be added shortly.