Teaming and Psychological Safety

Andy Mitchell
In this one-hour webinar, we explore the concept of psychological safety, what it is, and how to know when it’s present in your team and/or organisation. We will discuss what...

Difficult Conversations

Jim Lusby
Conversations are the lifeblood of developing effective and satisfying relationships at work. A good relationship with someone can work both ways when having difficult conversation...

Presenting with confidence

Marian Hubbell
This 1.5-hour online workshop aims to support you in developing your ability and confidence to deliver professional presentations.It will provide practical guidance on creating p...

Inclusive Leadership

Sue Kong
The expectation of leadership is changing. Societal developments and the impact of COVID-19 have brought into stronger focus the importance of inclusive leadership as an integral d...

Resilient people and compassionate organisations

Leanne Saddler
Resilient people can survive dysfunctional organisations, and healthy team cultures can support exhausted people, but with effort and insight, we can create teams in which people k...
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