Introduction to Quality Improvement 1 - introducing the model for improvement

Presented by Robin Davis
Module one in this series of five one hour webinars will introduce you to the Model for Improvement and provide you with advice and guidance for creating an effective aim for your ...

Human Factors - Advanced

This 90 minute webinar will explore human factors from the lens of sociotechnical system interactions. We will discuss how to analyse and (re)design ‘systems’ and &lsqu...

Introduction to Quality Improvement 2: Measuring change

Presented by Mike Davidge
The second session in this series will take you through the key principles of effective measurement to help you measure the true impact of your improvement project. This session in...

Introduction to Quality Improvement 3 - Identifying potential changes

Module three will take you through a range of effective tools and techniques for identifying possible changes that could improve the services you deliver.

Introduction to Quality Improvement 4 - testing changes

Module four, the final in this series, will provide step-by-step guidance for testing changes, using the PDSA approach.