Change 1: Leading change

Presented by Robin Davis
This one hour session provides an introduction to leading change in a healthcare environment.

QI Network Meeting

Presented by Robin Davis
Director Rob Davis will lead the quarterly meeting of our members' QI Network, which is a networking event for NHS Elect members working in Quality Improvement.These networ...

Change 2: Human dimensions of change

Presented by Nicola Chandler
The focus of this session is on the behavioural aspects of change. We know that people going through a change process will experience a gamut of emotions which lead to behaviours w...

Change 3: Complexity and change

This is webinar will look at how the science of complexity can help us reframe our approach to change. Linear change models get us so far but often our worlds are a collectio...

Human Factors

Presented by Nicola Chandler
In this introduction to Human Factors we will seek to explore and support understanding of how human interaction with systems and people, particularly at times of stress, can have ...
September 2022
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