An introduction to flow, demand and capacity 2: How to reduce waits and delays

Presented by Mike Davidge
This 2-hour virtual workshop, the second of three on the topic of Flow, offers a proven approach to successfully reducing waiting times and improving flow. So, if you have a ...

Introduction to flow, demand and capacity 3: Capacity planning

Presented by Mike Davidge
This is the third in the series of webinars on flow, demand and capacity. Whereas the previous two concentrated on why queues occur and how to address them, this one hour web...

Process Mapping

Presented by Nicola Chandler
Process mapping is a powerful diagnostic tool to help understand all of the activities that take place within your various pathways. It is useful for building teams and creating a ...

Driver Diagrams

Presented by Mike Davidge
This one hour webinar explores driver diagrams, a powerful improvement and measurement tool, essential for anyone involved in improvement. They can be used to aid a board lev...

Happier Working Lives

Presented by Robin Davis
This one hour webinar will cover some of the content of our Happier Working Lives programme.