Introduction to QI 3: Identifying potential changes

Presented by Robin Davis
Module three in our five part series will take you through a range of effective tools and techniques for identifying possible changes that could improve the services you deliver.

Systems thinking

Presented by Gareth Corser
This ninety minute session will provide an overview of system thinking that will help you to relate it to your own leadership practice. The discipline of systems thinking gives you...

Introduction to QI 4: Testing changes

Presented by Robin Davis
The fourth and final session in our series, module four will provide step-by-step guidance for testing changes, using the PDSA approach.

7 steps to measurement

Presented by Mike Davidge
In this one hour webinar we will help you answer two important questions. Have the recent changes I've made to my service made a difference? How can I track the impact ...

An introduction to flow, demand and capacity 2: How to reduce waits and delays

Presented by Mike Davidge
This 2-hour virtual workshop, the second of three on the topic of Flow, offers a proven approach to successfully reducing waiting times and improving flow. So, if you have a ...