Communications for QI

Presented by Joe Blunden
Further details will follow shortly.

Introduction to QI 2: Measuring Change

Presented by Mike Davidge
The second session in this series will take you through the key principles of effective measurement to help you measure the true impact of your improvement project.

Online Facilitation 2: Mastering the technology

Presented by Robin Davis
Session 2 in the series looks at mastering the technology and includes a look at the key online platforms; considers the pros and cons of each; demonstrates the various set ups and...

Cost improvements and financial recovery

This one hour interactive session hopes to provide help in the difficult area of cost improvement and financial recovery. It won't give you the schemes but it hopes to help y...

Project Management 3: Agile Project Management

Presented by Gareth Corser
This session introduces the thinking and practice of agile project management. The move to adopting agile project management brings change at all levels. It impacts on the tr...