Nudge Theory and Persuasion

Presented by Jim Timpson
This 90 minute session will highlight how cognitive thinking, behaviours and decision making are not always as rational as economists and others might have us think. It will focus ...

Introduction to QI 5: Testing Changes

Presented by Robin Davis
Module 5 will provide step by step guidance for testing changes, using the PDSA approach.

Project Management 1: The project management cycle and planning

Presented by Gareth Corser
In this first session we will demystify the concepts and principles of project management and show you some of the ideas and approaches that can be used to deliver a successful pro...

Managing elective care - operational recovery

Presented by Darren Leech
The pandemic has decimated the elective waiting list position of most providers. Getting a good operational grip on exactly where your waiting lists are will be a challenge for man...

Patient Engagement 4: Goldfish Bowl Technique

Presented by Sue Kong
Module 4 will provide a step by step guide to delivering a Goldfish Bowl session to help provide valuable insight.