Creating Effective Campaigns

Presented by Joe Blunden
Further details on this one hour session will follow shortly.

QI Network Meeting

Presented by Robin Davis
Director Rob Davis will lead the quarterly meeting of our members' QI Network, which is a networking event for NHS Elect members working in Quality Improvement.These networ...

Change 2: Human dimensions of change

Presented by Nicola Chandler
The focus of this session is on the behavioural aspects of change. We know that people going through a change process will experience a gamut of emotions which lead to behaviours w...

Developing a flexible approach to your leadership behaviours

Presented by Jim Timpson
In one hour webinar, we will:Introduce the modelConsider the importance of getting it rightLook at how our habits might lead us to use the wrong style (even when we mean we...

Compassionate Conversations

Presented by Gareth Corser
In this one hour webinar we will explore how to build upon the compassion we see every day in our workplaces and reflect how we develop this into the deep connections that are at t...
September 2022
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