Introduction to QI 2: Measuring change

Presented by Mike Davidge
The second session in the series will consider the key principles of effective measurement to help you measure the true impact of your improvement project. This session includes 7 ...

Action Learning - what to consider

Presented by Linda Keenan
This two hour session will explain what action learning is, what it's for and how it works in practice. Participants will take away an understanding of the origins and principles o...

Creating videos on a smartphone

Presented by Jessica Ormrod
With Youtube amongst the most visited sites in the world, creating videos for your marketing channels has never been more important.This one hour virtual session will teach the b...

Introduction to flow, demand and capacity

Presented by Mike Davidge
This interactive two hour virtual workshop will address this vital question: why do queues form? If you have an interest in making your flow work better - minimising delays f...

Introduction to QI 3: Identifying potential changes

Presented by Robin Davis
Module three will take you through a range of effective tools and techniques for identifying possible changes that could improve the services you deliver.