Managing elective care - operational recovery

Presented by Darren Leech
The pandemic has decimated the elective waiting list position of most providers. Getting a good operational grip on exactly where your waiting lists are will be a challenge for man...

Patient Engagement 4: Goldfish Bowl Technique

Presented by Sue Kong
Module 4 will provide a step by step guide to delivering a Goldfish Bowl session to help provide valuable insight.

Online facilitation skills 2: Mastering the technology

Presented by Joe Blunden
The second module in this series will include a tour of various platforms, consider thepros and cons of each, advise on how to get set up correctly and will finally look at u...

Online facilitation skills 3: Designing an effective online session

Presented by Robin Davis
The third workshop in the series will focus on theoretical design and design skills for online sessions.

Human Factors

Presented by Nicola Chandler
This 2.5 hour workshop provides an introduction to Human Factors. It explores and supports understanding of how human interaction with systems and people, particularly at times of ...