Project Management 2: The role of the project manager

Presented by Gareth Corser
This module will look at the functions and responsibilities of the project manager; the project manager as 'change agent'; how to build the relationship with your project sponsor; ...

Patient Engagement 5: Experience Based Design

Presented by Sue Kong
Module 5 will provide a step by step guide to delivering Experience Based Design, a simple and effective method for capturing how your patients feel.

Project Management 3: Agile Project Management

Presented by Gareth Corser
In this session, Gareth will introduce you to agile project management thinking and practice. The move to adopting agile project management approaches brings change at all levels. ...

Project Management 4: Engagement

Presented by Gareth Corser
In this session, we will look at the effective use of softer skills such as communication and stakeholder engagement and how they can be a strong indicator of project success.We ...

Project Management 5: Bring and share reflective session

Presented by Gareth Corser
Throughout the previous four workshops in the programme we will be capturing feedback and reflections and use these to shape this final session to look at subjects and elements whi...