Leadership series 4: Storytelling leaders

Presented by Jim Timpson
This session will look at how to help teams make sense of the past and create a compelling picture of the future.

Action Learning - what to consider

Presented by Linda Keenan
This two hour session will explain what action learning is, what it's for and how it works in practice. Participants will take away an understanding of the origins and principles o...

Psychological safety in teams

Presented by Caroline Dove
In this interactive one hour online session we explore the concept of psychological safety, what it is and how to tell if it's present in your team and/or organisation.  ...

Resilient people in compassionate organisations

Presented by Linda Keenan
This workshop will help you to understand what's hindering and what's helping your wellbeing. We will reflect on your habits to identify strengths and weaknesses and using those in...

Leadership series 5: Fundamental Change

Presented by Robin Davis
More details will follow shortly on this fifth and final session.