The compassionate learning organisation 2 - mental models

Presented by Gareth Corser
The second session in this series will look at how we may view things through a different lens or view them differently. We will consider the mental models we can access to challen...

The compassionate learning organisation 3 - Building a shared vision & team learning

Presented by Gareth Corser
In the third session we will look at how you might approach creating an environment for team learning that will support the creation of a shared vision within your team and/or orga...

The compassionate learning organisation 4 - systems thinking

Presented by Gareth Corser
In the fourth and final session we will consider how by building upon the elements explored in the previous three sessions, we can use models and approaches that may better allow u...

Resilient people in compassionate organisations

Presented by Jim Timpson
This one hour webinar offers a simple process for auditing your environment to understand what's currently helping and hindering your wellbeing; reflecting on your habits to identi...

Content creation for beginners

Presented by Joe Blunden
This is an hour long introductory session on creating content. Further details to follow.