RTT/18 Week Waiting List Rules Training

Presented by Darren Leech
This training webinar is an on-line version of the popular NHS Elect RTT/18 Week Waiting List Rules training. It is aimed at NHS employees of all disciplines and grades – ess...

Project Management Essentials

Presented by Gareth Corser
This two hour Project Management essentials session will de-mystify the concepts and principles of project management and show you some of the ideas and approaches that can be util...

Facilitating QI in an Online World

Presented by Robin Davis
The rapid shift to online meeting and working is both exciting and a little bewildering. Whilst we may have lots of experience facilitating QI with groups in rooms using flip chart...

Patient Engagement 5: Experience Based Design

Presented by Joe Blunden
Module five will provide a step-by-step guide to delivering Experience Based Design, a simple and effective method for capturing how your patients feel.

Human Factors

Presented by Nicola Chandler
An introduction to Human Factors; we will seek to explore and support understanding of how human interaction with systems and people, particularly at times of stress, can have eith...
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