Developing a flexible approach to your leadership behaviours

Presented by Eilis Parker
In this sesssion we will introduce the model, consider the importance of getting it right, look at how our habits might lead us to use the wrong style (even when we mean well) and ...

Introduction to QI 4: Involving service users

Presented by Robin Davis
Module 4 will outline the huge benefits of patient engagement, and provide you with tools and techniques for gathering patient feedback.

7 steps to measurement

Presented by Mike Davidge
This one hour virtual workshop will consider how to choose the right measures, how to get data you can trust, how to understand the two types of variation present in your data and ...

Human Factors

Presented by Mark Leyshon
This three hour session will seek to explore and understand how human interaction with systems and people, particularly at times of stress, can have either a positive or detrimenta...

Introduction to QI 3: Identifying potential changes

Presented by Robin Davis
Module three will take you through a range of effective tools and techniques for identifying possible changes that could improve the services you deliver.