What's happening to leadership 2 - Managing teams

Presented by Sally Vaughan
The second webinar in this series will look at understanding how groups recover after emergencies. It will also consider how to create environments in which teams can be restored.

Interview Skills for Interviewers

Presented by Sue Kong
This 1 hour webinar is a good refresher for those who are experienced in running your interview panel or those who are new to interviewing. The course does not cover recruitment pr...

Project Management - Advanced

Presented by Mark Leyshon
This webinar is aimed to help people who are managing complex projects or programmes with multiple workstreams and projects either within an organisation or across a system and who...

Online Facilitation Skills 2 - Mastering the technology

Presented by Robin Davis
The second in this series of five webinars will highlight some of the main functions of MS Teams and demonstrate how to carry out key tasks like selecting the most appropriate scre...

What's happening to leadership 1 - Managing self

Presented by Jim Timpson
Emotionally intelligent leadership that supports the transition from emergency response to recovery, reflection and regrouping.