An introduction to Action Learning

Presented by Lisa Godfrey
This introductory session will explain what action learning is, what it is for and how it works in practice. Participants will take away an understanding of the origins and p...

Happier Working Lives

Presented by Robin Davis
This one hour webinar is based on NHS Elect's Happier Working Lives programme. More details to follow.

Introduction to MS Teams

Presented by Robin Davis
This is a 30 minute introductory bite-size webinar on MS Teams.

Nudge Theory and Persuasion

Presented by Mark Leyshon
This 90 minute webinar will explore priming, conditioning, nudge theory and some of the world's most persuasive techniques to enable participants to gain a broader understanding of...

The Basics of Twitter

Presented by Joe Blunden
This is a brief, 30 minute guide to the use of Twitter in the NHS. The session will show you everything you need to get started, plus answer questions such as what's good about Twi...