Aqua and NHS Elect Joint webinar series: Develop your organisation's, provider collaborative's or ICS management system with improvement at its heart

What does the new NHS Delivery and Continuous Improvement Review (DCIR) mean for you and your organisation?Aqua and NHS Elect are working in partnership to bring you an insightfu...

Another test meeting example from Tim

Presented by Joe Blunden
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What's Happening to Leadership - Managing Teams

Presented by Jim Timpson
This webinar will look at understanding how groups recover after emergencies. It will also consider creating environments in which teams can be restored.

Compassionate Conversations

Presented by Jim Timpson
In this one hour webinar, we will explore how to build upon the compassion we see every day in our workplaces and reflect how we develop this into the deep connections that are at ...

Learn about test meetings

Presented by Jim Timpson
I need to write a description for this course about introducing us to test meetings. It shouldn't be particularly long but I need at least some text to try it out.Oh look, anothe...