Our membership is very flexible and the exact benefits our members enjoy depend on how the membership is applied.

However, some of the most common benefits that are experienced include:

  • Reduced service costs through increased efficiency
  • Enhanced performance against targets via service improvement
  • Improved feedback from patients as a result of customer care training
  • More strategic marketing and communications
  • Reduced staff costs by supplementing existing teams in vital areas
  • More successful responses to tenders and other enhanced internal processes
  • More effective and skilled teams and leaders following organisational and personal development
  • Improved recruitment and retention of leaders through development and enhanced talent management

Becoming a Member

Membership is offered on a ‘fixed-fee’ basis, with annual membership costing £28K per organisation. We are a non-profit organisation and this fee is to cover our operating costs, which are kept to a minimum.

Members receive a tailored programme of support from the NHS Elect team and access to all network events, in addition to the delivery of on-site development programmes.

For more information about joining please call Caroline Dove, CEO, on 020 3925 4851 or email caroline.dove1@nhs.net

NHS Elect Member Programme