Systems Thinking

Gareth Corser 18/09/18
Think about most of the problems that we face in the NHS, have they just occurred? Are they new? I would suggest that in most cases the answer is a categorical ‘no’. Instead our systems have allowed them to perpetuate over many years and we have taken fragmented, linear, cause-effect, culprit-focused, fingers-of-blame approaches to dealing with them.

The complexity of difficulties

Jim Timpson 08/08/17

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on the issue of registrars getting into difficulty during training. As soon as you start to seriously consider the issue it becomes more complex than at first site.

Be careful what you wish for

Mike Davidge 08/08/17

In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the main character, Arthur Dent, is told a story about a race of intelligent beings.  They created a super computer to provide the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.  When the answer turned out to be forty two, they were understandably incredulous and not a little annoyed.

What do you know?

Mike Davidge 07/03/17

I’ve always been a sucker for quizzes, whether it’s the classic pub quiz or the sort you get in trashy magazines.You know, the one that says ‘Answer these 10 questions to see how good you are at X’ where X could be gardening, healthy eating, sex, football or whatever they are keen to promote at the time.

Those of you who really don’t like them, please stop reading this and go and do something else.  For the rest of us, read on, because here’s one to get you thinking.

Top Ten Tips To Get To Christmas Number One

Joe Blunden 12/12/16
I have always had a frankly unhealthy appreciation of Christmas. From the obligatory watching of Home Alone to my mum’s sausage stuffing, it’s pretty much everything I love about the world in a single day.

Jim the OD Guy: Blog 6 - Chimps and Elephants

It’s been quite the week. Monday I met with my colleagues Linda Keenan and Eilis Parker to discuss how we’d redesign our leadership programmes to support the emergence of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships.

JIM the OD Guy Blog 3

Jim Timpson 05/08/16
I mentioned last week that I’d be facilitating a team building session for NHS England Central Midlands. Elliot Howard-Jones, who leads that part of NHS England first raised the idea of a team building session with me about 6 months ago.

JIM the OD Guy Blog 2

Jim Timpson 05/08/16
You may be asking why this week’s blog opens with a picture of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

JIM the OD Guy Blog 1

Jim Timpson 05/08/16
This is the first of what is intended as a regular series of posts. For some years our CEO Caroline has maintained a strict policy of not letting me anywhere near Twitter. “Some people have a mind like a well-oiled machine. Yours is a funfair. Let’s just enjoy it within the team shall we?” she said.