Our Membership Package

Our membership package includes all of the following:

Bespoke In-house Workshops

A series of bespoke, on-site training sessions tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Specialist Consultancy

Support from our team of specialist consultants, be that day-to-day advice or more structured support for a particularly project.

Invitations to Courses and Seminars

Invitations to a wide range of network events and other training opportunities.

Access to Shared Resources

Access to a large library of useful resources, including presentations, guides and templates.

Marketing Materials

Creation of free marketing materials, such as a microsite.

Networking Opportunities

Numerous opportunities to network with NHS colleagues and share best practice and ideas.


Account Management

Dedicated account management to ensure membership benefits are maximized.

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Areas of Support

We provide a wide range of services in six key areas:

Quality Improvement and Measurement: Including support to design and deliver local quality improvement projects, apply lean techniques to improve efficiency, and manage capacity more effectively.

Business of Healthcare: Including support to write effective tenders, manage mergers and acquisitions more efficiently, and create improved models of care.

Marketing, Communications and Branding: Including support to write targeted marketing and communications strategies, deliver more engaging social media activity, and create effective promotional materials.

Customer Care: Including support to train staff at all levels to improve customer care, capture and evaluate feedback from service users, and deliver ‘train-the-trainer’ programmes.

Organisational Development: Including support to deliver effective leadership programmes, enhance team building, and develop staff at all levels through tailored programmes.

Coaching: Including 1:1 coaching, team coaching, and supporting organisations to develop ‘in-house’ coaching programmes.