With the NHS Five Year Forward View, Francis Report and the Friends and Family Test, it is not surprising that this programme is popular with our members, and we have trained a wide range of staff across our participating sites including consultants, receptionists and non-patient facing staff.

Areas of Work

The team delivers a range of workshops that are designed to create sustainable improvements in customer care, including:

  • Customer Surveys: Using Survey Monkey and other tools to gain vital information from your customers
  • Goldfish Bowl Focus Group Facilitation: Delivering a powerful patient listening forum to embed the patients’ voices in service development. Find out more >>
  • Internal Customer Improvement Programmes: Sharing key learning and techniques so non-clinical staff can make a difference to the patient experience
  • Customer Care and Patient Experience Improvement Programmes: Well tested and loved programme for clinical and patient facing staff to improve the experience of patients
  • Train-the-Trainer Programmes: Enabling Trust staff to deliver our proven customer care programme so that more staff (and patients) can benefit. 

Additional bespoke support is also available to meet the needs of our members.

Benefits for Members

  • The team can deliver a range of benefits for members including:
  • Enhanced experiences for patients
  • Improved feedback from patients
  • More effective team-work within organisations
  • Long-term sustainability through train-the-trainer programmes

How we Work

Contact Details

For further details on any of the above or to arrange a local work programme for your organisation please contact:
Sue Kong or Joe Blunden

T: 020 7520 9088
E: sue@nhselect.org.uk
E: joe@nhselect.org.uk


You can watch a range of videos from our special conference, Patient Experience the Disney Way, via the link below.

Watch the videos >>


“It has been a while since I attended such a useful, well-facilitated and practical training event.”
Denise Needle, Deputy Director of Workforce, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

"The session was unlike other communication skills sessions, where this was hands-on with practical advice and an realistic outlook with the patient as a customer. It highlighted patient-focus / empathetic engagement with the process and celebrate the soft-skills which is sometimes taken for granted. Overall a brilliant session and I am glad I attended"

Dr Poornima Pandey, Consultant Paediatrician, Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"I really enjoyed the session. It was really useful and jogged alot of memories about cause and effect also the psychological side of customer interaction"

Maria Baylis, Payroll Officer, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

"Great day, very good workshop / event with good length and time for presentations and discussions with interesting programme / topics covered. Feel energised and invigorated to try things at my Trust. Thank you.”
Ali Betteridge, Patient & Public Engagement Advisor, & Sarah Moss, Complaints & PALS Manager, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Delivering Great Patient and Customer Experience Masterclass, 5th December 2017)