We specialise in NHS Branding and work with the Department of Health's Branding Team.

We apply the Code of Practice for the Promotion of NHS Funded Services. We understand that branding is more than a suite of corporate templates and a design motif but a set of living values that links back to the organisation's service delivery. This links well with our customer care 'Improving the Patient Experience' Programme as your brand is only as good as your service delivery.

A strong brand can be immensely powerful in communicating values, reputation and reliability to patients, staff and referrers. Used wisely, along with the correct application of the NHS parent brand,  your service brand can minimise patient anxieties at a time when they might otherwise be worrying needlessly. It can attract the best staff and help them hold each other to account on issues of quality, innovation and customer care.

We help our members:

  • To understand he marketplace today and the increase of competition from a business and financial point of view
  • To understand the benefits of brand positioning
  • Understanding your brand essence
  • Understanding the brand values and personality in a NHS organisation
  • Understanding the brand promise – what the brand offers and why it is better than the alternatives
  • Understanding your reputation, customer loyalty and customer perception measurements
  • To build your branding guidelines
  • To be aware and refer to NHS Identity Brand Guidelines for their organisation as well as the Code of Practice for the Promotion of NHS Funded Services

If you would like more information about the advice NHS Elect could offer your organisation, please contact Sue Kong at sue@nhselect.org.uk

Our support includes:

  • Branding for Success for Board/Executive Teams including customer facing metrics and how to develop your organisation's brand
  • Providing the basics to operate as a credible business ranging from patient/GP leaflets about your service to a suite of corporate style templates and photo-library for all internal and external communications
  • Using and developing your website and all communications processes as in integral part of your marketing mix. Please see our Marketing Programme brochure and case studies.
  • Developing bespoke marketing/promotional plans by a Chartered Marketer to ensure that your services are selected under patient choice and drive positive patient stories onto NHS Choices and social media.
  • Social Media advice and Twitter set up

Presentation to members at a Branding Masterclass:



"The whole day was very useful and well run, I now have lots of ideas to take forward!"
Evan Flockhart, Learning and Development Consultant, Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust