Matching capacity to meet demand for healthcare services is a long standing challenge.

We know that when they don’t match, our patients’ journeys are interrupted and patient pathways simply don’t flow smoothly. Poor flow is not just confined to the inability to hit the headline targets, it can be found almost anywhere.

NHS Elect has significant experience of working with healthcare teams to help them understand their own system and design their service to meet the demand on it.

We use approaches based on the NHS Institute’s 7 Ways to No Delays and the NHS Modernisation Agency’s Ten High Impact Changes, which are proven to help staff improve flow.

NHS Elect can support organisations and teams to review their capacity and demand as well as deliver half day and full day training programmes that cover:

  • The importance of mapping the system you want to flow better
  • What is ‘true’ demand and capacity and how do you measure it
  • Understanding the impact of variation on your system
  • Using SPC charts to predict future demand
  • Strategies for improving the flow through the system, including reducing variation, extending roles, gaining capacity, removing carve out, segmenting pathways, reducing batching and identifying bottlenecks.
  • Use of process templates to aid scheduling your capacity

We train teams in capacity and demand tools and techniques and also analyse your local information to enable clinical teams to get a better understanding of their demand and capacity. When problem areas are identified, our team will help deliver local change programmes.


“Demand and Capacity Master Class session – inspirational!”
Luca Cicalese, Senior Information Analyst, South London Healthcare NHS Trust