You might be undertaking a project to improve an aspect of the service you provide and are being challenged to demonstrate the impact. How can you do this? 

Or maybe your current performance report is more confusing than enlightening and you spend a lot of time in meetings arguing the toss. How can you really know whether things are getting worse or better?

Will I hit my target? Management is about prediction so how good are you at seeing the future?

To help you answer these common questions, NHS Elect presents a proven approach which if you follow it faithfully will ensure that you are measuring the right things in the right way.

This approach is the 7 steps to measurement and it’s key features are:

  • How to choose the right measures
  • How to create a reliable process for getting data you can trust
  • Understanding the two types of variation present in your data
  • How to present your data in a way that facilitates better decision making

This approach is presented in either a full day or half day workshop.  The half day gives an overview of the 7 steps so perfect for those who have limited time.  The full day allows exploration of the steps in more detail.  It also addresses the ‘Will I hit the target’ question to show you how capable your processes really are.

There is also the possibility of a follow-up workshop for delegates to present their work and this is a good opportunity to cement the learning from the first workshop.

The workshops are aimed at anyone who is running an improvement project or managing a service and wants a better way of demonstrating progress.  Although some statistical concepts will be presented, you do not require any particular knowledge of statistics to benefit from the day.