The team utilise a host of improvement tools and techniques as well as their extensive experience to improve the quality of services and in turn the patient experience.

Areas of Work

The services that are delivered by the team generally fall into seven key areas:

  • Acute Frailty Network Management: NHS Elect hosts the Acute Frailty Network, which supports the widespread adoption and improvement of acute frailty services in England
  • Ambulatory Emergency Care Network Management: NHS Elect also hosts the national ambulatory emergency care programme, which is transforming the delivery of urgent care. Find out more >>
  • Capacity and Demand Analysis: Using tried and tested demand and capacity modelling tools and bespoke analysis of activity, capacity and demand. Find out more >>
  • Integrated Care Improvement Programmes: Reviewing, benchmarking against best practice, and making recommendations for improvement. Find out more >>
  • Lean Techniques Guidance: Applying the key principles of lean thinking to enable organisations to be less wasteful. Find out more >>
  • Measurement for Improvement: Applying a proven process to getting the right data to demonstrate impact and improvement.
  • New Models of Care: Sharing experience, tools and techniques from the National Vanguard Programme.
  • Outpatient and Diagnostics Service Redesign: Delivering a structured approach to engage, train and empower frontline staff to improve services. Find out more >>

Additional bespoke support is also available to meet the needs of our members.

Benefits for Members

The team can deliver a range of benefits for members including:

  • Reduced service costs through increased efficiency
  • Enhanced performance against targets via service improvement
  • Improved patient feedback through improved quality of services
  • More effective and skilled staff and teams

How we Work

Contact Details

For further details on any of the above or to arrange a local work programme for your organisation please contact:

Darren Leech, Mike Davidge or Robin Davis

T:020 7520 9088


“Just to say how wonderful and enjoyable yesterday was so thank you for your excellent facilitation and knowledge."
Daryl Peter, General Manager, NHS England Primary Care Support Services

Service Improvement in Action