Our membership package is ‘organisational’, which means anyone from across the Trust can utlise our services if approved by the membership budget holder. Our membership package includes all of the following:

Bespoke In-house Workshops

A series of bespoke, on-site training sessions tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Specialist Consultancy

Support from our team of specialist consultants, be that day-to-day advice or more structured support for a particularly project.

Invitations to Courses and Seminars

Invitations to a wide range of NHS Elect courses, seminars and other training opportunities.

Access to Shared Resources

Access to a large library of useful resources, including presentations, guides and templates.

Marketing Materials

Creation of free marketing materials, such as a microsite.

Networking Opportunities

Numerous opportunities to network with NHS colleagues and share best practice and ideas.

Account Management

Dedicated account management to ensure membership benefits are maximized.

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Any surplus we generate is returned to our members by keeping their NHS membership fees low and to the NHS. We are an NHS organisation hosted by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.