01 February 2023
14:00 - 15:30
1.5 hours

MS Teams
Online video conferencing

This ninety minute session will provide an overview of system thinking that will help you to relate it to your own leadership practice. The discipline of systems thinking gives you the tools to challenge your approach to complex situations; to assess the relationships of different components within a situation; to consider the roles other people play; to recognise that each person brings with them their own perspective on a situation and to work with those multiple perspectives.

Key features of the session:
• Deepens your understanding of the nature of complex and messy problem situations and how they can be tackled
• Helps you develop new ways of thinking about and approaching situations that cross multiple discipline, organisational and skill boundaries
• Provides skills to think more holistically and work more collaboratively to obtain deeper insights into the nature of systems and the causes of systemic failures.

From the module you will begin to appreciate the limitations of many current ways of thinking and learn how they can exacerbate complexity, creating unintended consequences that can lead to systemic failure.   The session can only provide a brief overview of the topic, but it is hoped that it will encourage you to explore the topic of system thinking further. 

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