An Introduction to Process Mapping and Demand and Capacity


There are a number of simple tools and techniques that support Lean thinking and Service Improvement. Recommended by the NHS Institute’s 7 Ways to No Delays and the Modernisation Agency’s Ten High Impact Changes, these are proven to help staff reduce waiting lists.


This workshop will focus on:

  • Process mapping and analysis
  • What is ‘true’ demand and capacity and how do you measure it
  • Understanding the impact of variation on your system
  • Strategies for improving the flow through the system, including reducing queues, extending roles, gaining capacity, recognising carve out and segmentation and scheduling
  • Use of process templates to aid scheduling your capacity
  • Session logistics

Who should attend this session?

Anyone who has an interest in making their work flow better, that is minimising waits and delays for their patients or other customers while at the same time not costing the earth.

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