Business Cases

Business Cases


This workshop will provide a step-by-step approach to writing business cases. We use the key steps identified by Her Majesty’s Treasury guidance for business cases as the basis for the day. We work through the stages required to develop a business case using examples and group work as we proceed. The focus of the day is to understand the thinking behind business cases and to focus on what your organisation will require you to demonstrate to prove the case. The participants are encouraged to use their own experience with business case, where possible. We finish off the session with consideration of how to present your case to your organisation.


  • Establishing the strategic context
  • Industry standard techniques and models
  • Financial and non-financial benefit analysis
  • Understanding your stakeholders
  • Risk analysis
  • Selling your case to the organisation

Who should attend this session?

The session is aimed at those who are new to writing business case, those who have some experience but have not had formal training and those who would like to improve their skills and knowledge in this area. Typical attendees include junior and middle managers, clinicians in a management role and commissioners.

Benefits to you and your organisation

By the end of this session delegates will have gained a sound understanding of developing and writing a business case. The session will equip delegates with the skills needed for effective business case writing as well as evaluation tools and other techniques which can be used more widely. This will ensure that management teams of NHS organisations are able to apply rigorous business processes which create value-for-money, effective and sustainable services.

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