Compassionate Conversations

Presented by Linda Keenan
In this short virtual session, we will explore how to build upon the compassion we see every day in our workplaces and reflect how we develop this into the deep connections that ar...

Measurement for improvement

Presented by Mike Davidge
In this one hour virtual session we will help you to answer two important questions. Have the recent changes I made to my service made a difference and how can I track the im...

Resilient people in compassionate organisations

Presented by Jim Timpson
This session offers a simple four step process for auditing your environment to understand what's currently helping and hindering your wellbeing, reflecting on your habits to ident...

Online facilitation skills 1: What changes on-line

Presented by Robin Davis
This is the first module in the Online faciliation skills series. It looks at rabbits and ducks and what changes on line.