Psychological safety in teams

Presented by Jim Timpson
This one hour webinar will explore the concept of psychological safety. It will cover the importance of and the impact of a lack of pyschological safety. It will also consider a nu...

Managing your organisation's CIPs

Presented by Mark Leyshon
This is a ninety minute webinar on improving your organisation's CIPs. More details to follow.

Online facilitation skills 3: Designing an effective online session

Presented by Robin Davis
The third session in this series of 5 will look at design skills and the theoretical design of online sessions.

Introduction to QI 1: Introducing the model for improvement and setting your aim

Presented by Mike Davidge
The first module in this series will introduce participants to the model for improvement and provide advice and guidance for creating an effective aim for an improvement project.

NHS Elect QI Network Meeting

Presented by Robin Davis
This is a 2.5 hour network session for all members of NHS Elect working in Quality Improvement. The session is designed for QI practitioners, QI coaches and QI leaders. It al...