We’ve been continuing to develop our bespoke offers and we're delighted to signpost you to some resources we’ve developed on CV writing and interview skills, which were designed in collaboration with one of our members.

We'll be sharing more about our new bespoke offers in the coming weeks, but just to remind you that our consultancy work continues apace and, over the last few months, we’ve supported our members in lots of different ways, including:
  • Facilitation of a Trust Board development session
  • Work with clinical teams across a member site to agree their clinical strategy
  • Support to phase 3 recovery programmes, particularly around SDEC and frailty
  • Capacity and demand analysis to support service recovery
  • Marketing and design support for a number of sites

If you would like to request any bespoke support for your organisation, please contact your NHS Elect account manager or email admin@nhselect.org.uk.
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