In November 2019, the Specialised Clinical Frailty Network (SCFN), delivered by NHS Elect, was proud to launch the Specialised Clinical Frailty Toolkit.

By making frailty ‘everybody’s business’ in specialised services, care for older people who are frail should be significantly improved. The aim of this toolkit is to develop the most appropriate pathways for frail patients in specialised services and to get the best outcomes possible for them.
This toolkit is for anyone involved in the design or delivery of specialised services, working with older people with frailty. You will find the guide useful if you are a clinician, manager, administrator, commissioner, information analyst or healthcare student. The resources collated in this guide are intended to help inspire other specialised service teams to improve their services for the frailer individual, as the examples included can be broadened to other service pathways, including those that involve the delivery of more complex care.
We have now created a range of fully customisable packages to support frontline teams adopt the SCFN Toolkit and to improve pathways in specialised services for older people living with frailty. A variety of support options are available and you can select from the list on our website here or get in touch at to find out more and request a bespoke set of support.
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