Coaching has many benefits that help individuals move forward or create positive change in their careers or organisations. Our coaching faculty can work with leaders to help them with:
  • Greater awareness of motivations
  • Improved personal effectiveness and more effectiveness on specific projects
  • Greater confidence in role
  • Increased job satisfaction, engagement and well-being at work, sustained over time
  • Stress reduction and greater resilience
We can offer 1:1 coaching for a small number of individuals from member sites and our Coaching Skills Workshop is very popular, both as a central event and as part of leadership programmes delivered on member sites. We are also developing our team coaching offer which has proved especially popular with new senior teams looking to fast track the time taken to get to know each other and how to best work together for the benefit of the individuals and the team.

We were very proud last month when the work of our faculty lead, Eilis Parker, was featured in a national coaching bulletin, highlighting the fantastic work that Eilis has done in promoting coaching skills across the NHS leadership community.

Please contact Eilis at for further information or to discuss your local requirements.
Poh Kok-Hambo
30 May 2022
HI Eilis, Recently I saw the coaching facilities available at NHS Elect. May I have more information as to how to access this service, such as1> How to be coached by someone senior 2> How to be trained as coaches Please. My direct email is Appreciate your prompt reply. Kind regards, Poh
Poh Kok-Hambo
30 May 2022
apologies, typo for email is
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