Coaching & Personal Development
This online learning module will introduce you to mentoring.


You may have just been asked to start supporting people as a mentor and be looking for some guidance, tips and tricks, or you may be someone with experience who is looking to refresh their understanding.

Either way, the learning process is straightforward with a series of bite-sized activities to work through, many of which are accompanied by audio from experts at the NHS Elect coaching faculty.
4 hours
Line managers

Learning outcomes

  • A clear understanding of what mentoring is (and is not)
  • Confidence in understanding and discussing alternative development interventions, such as coaching
  • An understanding of the benefits of both being a mentor, and of mentoring others
  • Awareness of the key skills you will need to deploy when engaged in mentoring
  • An ability to plan effective mentoring meetings and discussions
  • An understanding of the key contractual issues to discuss when deciding whether to mentor someone

Learning materials

  • Videos and presentations
  • Links to additional resources
  • Activities and a quiz to check learning
  • A certificate of completion

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