Measurement for Improvement

QI & Measurement
This course will help you work through the seven steps to measurement for improvement.


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This measurement for improvement guide will help you work through the 7 steps to measurement for improvement, and allow you to apply these principles to your own improvement projects. 
The 7 steps were designed to provide a structure through which you can effectively use measurement to drive improvement. Measurement is an essential part of any quality improvement project, as it allows us to know whether our changes are resulting in improvements.
Measurement for improvement is not linear, and how you apply the seven steps will depend upon the phase of your quality improvement project. 
4 hours
Service leads

Learning outcomes

Through this course you will learn:

  • How to set an effective aim
  • How to choose appropriate measures
  • How to define measures
  • How to collect data
  • How to analyse and present data


Alice Clayton
Measurement for Improvement Analyst
Matt Tite

Learning materials

  • Videos and presentations
  • Links to additional resources
  • Activities to check learning
  • A certificate of completion

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