Hands on support
Advising you and working with you to introduce action learning within your organisation, for example to support leadership development programmes.
Introductory sessions
Running some introductory sessions on action learning, so people in your organisation can find out more about it and how it works in practice.
Development programmes
Running development programmes for in-house action learning set facilitators and supporting them thereafter in CPD sessions.

Benefits of action learning

Action learning sets can be used for a range of important reasons.
Develop leaders
Develop leaders and managers, often as part of a leadership programme.
Support change management
Support the management of change and organisational development, and embed new ways of working.
Improve collaboration
Build cross-organisational relationships and improve collaboration and innovation.
Support culture change
Support culture change by developing individuals and leaders who do more asking and less telling.

What is action learning?

Action learning is essentially peer problem solving in a group, which is referred to as a 'set'.

It can also be described as group coaching, because like individual coaching, it provides a confidential and structured space to think about workplace problems, issues and challenges and identify options and ways forward.

Through questioning, reflection and acting, set members gain both a deeper understanding of the issues they face and what they might do, as well as some personal insights into how they think, feel, work, lead and behave.

Find out more

To find out more about how we can help you with action learning, please contact Linda Keenan, the Director at NHS Elect who leads in this area.

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