In addition to the standalone training workshops that are shown here, the QI Team also deliver bespoke QI development programmes.
QI practitioner programme
Our 4-module QI practitioner programme provides both clinical and non-clinical colleagues with the practical skills required to design and implement more efficient patient-centred services.
QI leader programme
Our 4-module QI leader programme uses a combination of interactive training workshops, peer-to-peer support and action learning to explore how to support, encourage and enable improvement. 
Online and in person
We are happy to deliver socially distanced programmes in person, and can also provide sessions online using MS Teams and Zoom. Blended options are also available to meet your learning needs.

Additional QI services

The QI team can also offer additional bespoke services to meet your needs.
Rapid improvement events
An intensive intervention with teams to test and implement changes over two weeks to improve issues with flow and capacity.
QI strategy development
Supporting organisations in reviewing and developing their overall approach to QI and associated strategies.
Process mapping
Mapping and understanding current processes, identifying waste and opportunities for releasing time and resources in order to improve.
Service user engagement
Facilitating service user involvement in quality improvemenet initiatives through both training and a range of hands on support.

Benefits of working with us

Our experienced team can deliver a range of benefits for individuals, departments, organisations and health systems, including:

  • Helping to create and sustain a QI organisational culture
  • Enabling the delivery of meaningful change by staff
  • Supporting staff to manage demand and capacity more accurately
  • Involving patients in QI and Improving patient feedback
  • Creating more effective and skilled staff and teams 

Find out more about our QI support

To find out more about our QI programmes and other bespoke services, please contact Robin Davis, our QI workstream lead.

Email Robin
If you are looking for more extensive support in a particular area, our national improvement networks could be beneficial. Members of NHS Elect receive a 10% discount on each of the following:

The Acute Frailty Network (AFN) is a 12-month programme that supports participating organisations to rapidly adopt best practice and improve emergency services for frail older people.


Our Surgical Ambulatory Emergency Care Network (SAEC) also lasts 12 months and builds on the success of our previous AEC Network to help participating organisations improve delivery of same day surgery.

Additional support programmes

We also run intensive 6-month programmes of support to accelarate improvement activity, including the AFN Optimiser Programme and the AEC Accelerator Programme.